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Great Australian Outdoors Issue 2

$10.95 Includes postage, Australia only

We’ve further collaborated with experts to present a robust 186-page second edition.

With a focus on conservation work we provide a staggering behind the scenes look at the real issues affecting Australia. This includes an in-depth look at the widespread damage caused by feral pests and other factors working against our hard-working Aussie farmers.

We explore south-west WA to walk in the Valley of the Giants, cross the waters of Walpole and drive amid old growth forest and sweeping dunes in Pemberton, along with Western Australia’s Ningaloo to swim with whale sharks and a tag along with gypsies who best know the west. Furthermore we step back in time at Victoria’s curious Werribee Park, go above and beyond at Barrington Tops in New South Wales, discover an oasis in the middle of our nation’s capital, dust off the dirt in South Australia’s Woomera Airbase and head underground in opal-rich Coober Pedy, cruise the Top End’s wet tropics of The Savannah Way, venture drover style along Queensland’s old Georgina Stock Route, indulge in the tastes of Tasmania and take to the sky for a different perspective of our wide brown land.

Along the way we get into metal detecting, birdwatching and photography, provide a guide to a whole new world in the stars above us and delve into eating our nutritious native bush foods and cooking our delicious game.

We also provide tips for Outback survival, review pertinent outdoor products and books, look at Victoria’s Target One Million fishing initiative, the importance of bees, backyard environmentalists, the devastation of bushfires, personal locator beacons, lights on 4WDs, foldaway lightweight bikes, generators, solar power and travelling apps.

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Great Australian Outdoors, Collector’s Premiere Edition

$13.95 Includes postage, Australia only

In our premiere edition we highlight Australian conservation across the land and sea, including fighting for our native species, sustainability through marine parks and managing feral pests.

Along the way we proudly showcase unique locations like SA’s rugged Flinders Ranges, NT’s hidden healing springs of the Never-Never land, Tasmania’s ghost towns, The Keppels in Queensland by catamaran, the ‘snow-free’ magic within NSW’s Kosciuszko National Park, WA’s exceptional coastal town of Esperance and the Great Otways in Victoria.

We favourably take a look at native mammals as pets, legends of the Australian bush, hunting for the table and funding adventures with ongoing casual work. We find the genetically purest French pigs in the world, ponder the benefits of eating our national emblem and delve into a multi-million-dollar saga involving government and a search for fanciful foxes.

There’s 4WD, tyre safety and caravan towing tips to assist with your outdoor adventures, accompanied by reviews of useful products like the Hema HX-1 GPS Navigator and pertinent books like Walkabout Chefs. We take a first-aid course, look at contemporary boating options, show you how to catch your own prawns in the shallows and squid off jetties, along with keeping your food fresh.

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  • Gary Muir, WOW Wilderness
    Great issue and fantastic, professional, informative and entertaining stories...really...well done…amazing!
    Gary Muir, WOW Wilderness
  • Jan Barrie, Global Gypsies Tours & Training
    Great Australian OutdoorsIt looks wonderful & thanks so much for the great article!
    Jan Barrie, Global Gypsies Tours & Training
  • John Mainwaring
    Great Australian OutdoorsSuch a dense, well considered and intelligent magazine that is focused on real world stuff and real world things ordinary Aussies can get into. Congratulations and keep it up.
    John Mainwaring
  • Dr.C
    Great Australian OutdoorsGreat reading and very well presented. I'd say you've picked a niche that has been empty for a long time- all aspects of outdoor life, not just the PC stuff.
  • Alfie, WA
    Great Australian OutdoorsI have just skimmed through the new mag.*     what a great mag. *     print is black and white not the trendy light grey which is so hard to read. *     good photographs. *     good ad balance. So when is the next one?
    Alfie, WA
  • G W via GAO Facebook
    Great Australian OutdoorsA great read. Covered a range of interesting topics. I am looking forward to the next issue
    G W via GAO Facebook
  • P. R. via Facebook
    Great Australian OutdoorsI received the first edition and it's a fantastic magazine. Packed with great articles.
    P. R. via Facebook

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