Bee involved

A honeybee feeding on a native flower.

Thomas Cook

With the celebration of World Bee Day this week, it had us thinking about the importance of our pollinating pals.

Here’s a few ways to encourage bees into your home garden. And don’t worry if your garden is small or on a balcony, bees will still visit given the chance.

1. Choose plants with long flowering periods.
Alternatively select plants that flower in sequence, which can include herbs – win win!

2. Mix up your flower colours and shapes.
Different native bees like different flowers, and it makes your garden even prettier!

3. Group your planted flower species.
If flowering plants are grouped together, you will more easily attract bees than if scattered about.

4. Stay away from insecticides!
A no-brainer! Leave the pests to natural garden predators like wasps, ladybirds and the noble praying mantis.

Dr Tanya Latty’s fascinating article ‘Pollination allegiance crucial to Australia’s survival’ in our 2020 edition of Great Australian Outdoors provides a captivating scientific insight in to the world of bees.

Stingless bees collecting pollen from a flower.
A honeybee feeding on a native flower.


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