DIY Caravans

With movement restrictions still in place, you probably can’t go travelling in a caravan, but you might be able to build on instead. According to Goldstar RV, a caravan project might be just what the doctor ordered.

“Dust off your toolbox, get your router and power drill primed and ready,” says Goldstar.

Starting from just under $16,000 Goldstar are advertising project caravans that you can put together yourself. With all the welding done, Goldstar say all you will have to do is source simple panels and components from your local hardware store or online.  It is definitely one way to put your self-isolation time to good use!

While not the most conventional hobby or project, now is the perfect time take up something new. Goldstar also say it is a worthwhile project for a go-getter and that there is a serious opportunity to be financially rewarded.

Adventuring in the Great Australian Outdoors takes preparation and there’s no better time than right now to get prepared.  Have you been building or putting together any projects to help on your future travels? Let us know!