Grampians Walks by Monica & Phil Coleman – book review

The book cover hints at a taste of what’s to come.

If you love hiking and discovering incredible walking tracks, while taking in spectacular views, you need to grab yourself a copy of Grampians Walks.

It’s a brand new guide book with hundreds of photos illustrating the tracks, as well as descriptions of the Grampians Peaks Trail and many other day walks in the Grampians where all the planning has been done for you, allowing you more time to enjoy your walks. Written by veteran local walkers Monica and Phil Coleman, their love of the Grampians shines on every page.

With the establishment of the Grampians National Park in 1984 the 167,000 hectares of rugged country is protected forever. In the words of Monica and Phil… it’s a walkers paradise!

Stretching for about 90km from the north to the south and up to 40km from east to west, the Grampians National Park is a striking feature in Victoria. It’s known for its sandstone mountains, wildflowers and wildlife. Near the village of Halls Gap, the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre gives insight into local Aboriginal history and rock art. Trails lead to waterfalls like towering MacKenzie Falls and lookouts such as The Balconies, with views of the Victoria Range.

There are 228 pages which overall cover 67 walking tracks. Details for each track include general information about the hike, the start and finish points, the distance, altitude, grade, as well as what to stop for to see and what to expect at distance checkpoints. The route descriptions are simple but reliable to follow. The walks index is really helpful when deciding which hike you want to do, as it tells you the distance, time and type (one way or return/loop). There are walks from just 10 minutes, right up to eight hours.

A motivating feature of Grampians Walks is the progress tracking diary sheet at the beginning of the GPT Day Walks sections, where you are encouraged to tick off the trek and write the date you completed the walk. If you wish, once you have ticked them off you can email Monica and Phil so they can add your name to the ‘End-to-Enders’ list on their website and they will send you a certificate of achievement.

At the back, you will find lovely photos and descriptions of the most common flowers you are likely to see on the track. As well as flora, there are also breakout boxes with information about the wildlife, history, geology etc. in the area.

With free shipping Australia-wide, head to to buy your copy for just $40.

Then, go to to plan your next adventure.


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Directions to guide you along the way.
All routes are mapped out.
The layout of the pages puts you in the picture.
The layout of the pages puts you in the picture.
Exhilarating views from the peaks.
Exhilarating views from the peaks.


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