Licence to grill, 24/7


Matthew Godson

Your day is winding up and it’s time to relax around the campfire. The sun is dropping towards the horizon and the air is beginning to chill. It’s comfortable next to the flames and you just don’t want to move away from that radiating heat. Certainly not for the length of time necessary to cook a hearty meal.

Welcome to a new era of campsite cooking in the RotaBBQ. You can sit there enjoying the warmth and comradery of the fire with your fellow outdoor enthusiasts while cooking up a decent meal for all.

Offering a versatile stainless steel grill, the RotaBBQ works well over any campfire type or location. Be it on the beach, next to the river or even on uneven ground. The simple yet flexible design allows users to set up a level cooking surface on a large circular grill that can be easily adjusted to a desired height above the fire at any stage. This is extremely handy when it’s time to increase or decrease heat. A level surface is important because the last thing you need is your sausages rolling off into the dirt or sand.

The circular grill sits on the specially designed Rota arm that allows you to swing the grill away from direct heat at any time to stop the cooking process, keep food warm or for easy serving. The grill and Rota arm are securely held in position by a sturdy stainless steel stake that is strong enough to hold plenty of food weight on the grill or even a heavy billy kettle hanging from the Rota arm itself.

The starter pack is three-piece (grill, Rota arm and stake) and it comes with a handy storage bag. There are packages that include a light pole assembly with USB rechargeable torch that caters for night-time cooking with a flood of light from above. Also, a firepit attachment option that allows you to create and keep a fire above ground will be especially handy if on the beach or you want to protect your lawn from heat damage.

The set-up process is straightforward and all you really need is the skills to hammer a stake into the ground without hurting yourself. Working out the best placement of the stake is achieved by retaining the end of the Rota arm over the midpoint of the fire (best to do before lighting if you can) and then positioning the stake where the Rota arm will attach to it.

It is recommended to angle the stake slightly away from the fire so when the grill and Rota arm is attached, the stake will bend slightly back towards the fire to become plumb and make the grill level. The Rota arm can swing around 360 degrees and kept well away from the fire when not in use. The circular grill itself can also spin 360 degrees on the end of the Rota arm. This allows you to cook and keep foods warm at the same time.

The whole manoeuvrability of the RotaBBQ is very functional and you can certainly escape cooking dinner with the hairs on your hands still intact. You’ll want to show this grill off the next time you’re enjoying the great Aussie outdoors.

Packs can be purchased via with free shipping. Items can also be purchased individually.

Pack pricing:

Starter pack $155 – 3-piece RotaBBQ + bag

Nightlife pack $210 – 3-piece RotaBBQ + bag + light pole kit

Recreation pack $280 – 3-piece RotaBBQ + bag + firepit



Material: 304 stainless steel

Weight: 4.5kg


Stake: 18mm diameter x 1000mm length

Rota arm: 25mm diameter tube x 675mm length

Grill: 600mm diameter

The stake and Rota arm provide the means to boil water or even cook a hearty stew.
The firepit is ideal for the beach or when a ground fire is prohibited or you want to protect your lawn.
It’s 24/7 barbecuing thanks to the handy light pole and high-quality rechargable torch.
The RotaBBQ allows for cooking while still sitting around the campfire with family and friends.
Setting up the RotaBBQ on the banks of Murray River was quick and easy.