Lighter on your wallet

The road ahead is illuminated by the impressive beams of the Striker lights.

David Henty

Striker LED driving lights are one of the few kits in Australia that are supplied with an electrical relay kit and harness ready for owner installation. This saves quite a lot of money as auto-electricians can charge the price of the lights again in labour and parts.

Due to their light weight and smaller footprint they can be installed on nudge bars or even number plate mounting brackets. The kit also comes with the necessary parts to combine with your high beam lights so you can activate the on switch and have high beam and the Striker lights on simultaneously. This is handy when you need to turn them off quickly such as when you see the lights of oncoming vehicles.

The Striker LED lights perform a great job for a journey under darkening skies.

At $599 per pair they are more compact than the small to medium pizza-shape traditional spotlights and look modern and stylish. They would be just as appropriate on a city car as they would a Nissan Navara prepared for the weekend hunt or camping trip. Sold with a three-year warranty, they are supplied with two spot filters that also act as protection from road debris and bugs. These can be interchanged with spot or combination covers that sell separately for $28 a pair.

Made in Australia they generate one lux at about 754 metres and are based on a 5000k colour temperature that is easier on the eye and reduces glare and fatigue. Each utilises just 60 watts and has a draw of only 4.4 amps at 13.2 volts which is the magic of LEDs. Each light has 15 ‘Lumiled’ LEDs.

In a land of kangaroos powerful driving lights are a must when night driving. LightForce’s Striker lights may well save you again on repairs to your rig while making your journey a lot more enjoyable.

They can be ordered from and are delivered with free postage.


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