Private aquarium off the scale

Thomas Cook

The Port Lincoln, South Australia home of the late Ron Forster OAM boasts the Southern Hemisphere’s largest private aquarium. The fish tank curves a full 8m around the loungeroom wall and is over 3m high. Holding 100,000 litres of saltwater, the aquarium’s marine life includes large morwong, nannygai and cuttlefish.

A seaside smorgasbord

The Barngarla Aboriginal people called Port Lincoln Kallinyalla, meaning ‘place of sweet water’ and locals today dub it the ‘seafood capital of Australia’. Situated in South Australia’s Lower Eyre Peninsula, Port Lincoln’s nutrient-rich waters boast world-renowned southern bluefin tuna and oysters, along with other ocean delectables like mussels, abalone and more recently lobsters.

The enthralling Colin Thiele book Blue Fin is set in the area, which sees tourists flocking to go diving with the enormous tuna, swim alongside friendly seals and of course cage dive to move up close to impressive great white sharks. Further ocean activities include the generous boating, scuba diving and fishing opportunities on offer. Paired with events like the famous Tunarama Festival, fantastic local wines and nearby national parks to explore native fauna and flora, your next port of call awaits.

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